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Fiery Redhead

The classical element of FIRE is what is represented in this painting, featuring a strong, fiery, redheaded woman. If you look closely, you'll notice three Easter eggs: the zodiac symbols belonging to the element of fire (Aries ♈️ , Leo ♌️ , Sagittarius ♐️ ). 

"Very dynamic, strong, active, [fire signs] have an innate need to express themselves. Brave and impulsive, you easily recognize them in the crowd. They are always the first to take the initiative, without thinking twice. They live life with contagious enthusiasm and have a lot of grit." 


Please CONTACT US for pricing of original.

Wrapped Canvas Prints (2 Sizes)


Wrapped canvases look almost like the original in that the giclée print is on canvas, wrapped around the wooden stretcher bars. I've been asked to make embellishments on these prints, which I'm happy to do for you as well.

Size: 40"(w) x 16"(h)
Plus HST and shipping.
Ships within 5 business days.
$ 210

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Size: 30"(w) x 12"(h) 
Plus HST and shipping.
Ships within 5 business days.
$ 140

Please contact us to pay by credit card.
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  • Q: What is your return policy?
    A: Returns and exchanges can be made at any time. You will be refunded for everything except shipping.


  • Q: Does the painting or print arrive signed by the artist? If so, where?
    A: Yes. I sign all my paintings with paint in one of the bottom corners of the canvas, and all my prints with pencil in the bottom right corner of the print. I also include the print number in the bottom left corner of the print and the title in the middle.  


  • Q: What kind of paint is used? 
    A: Acrylic. I also use matte gel for texture and sometimes to create what I call a "faux frame," as on the Mad Dog and Raoul paintings.
    I finish all paintings with two coats of varnish. If you require an isolation layer, I can add one however that will increase the final cost. (An isolation layer is a transparent coat of gloss gel that is applied over the acrylic paint and under the coats of varnish. Its purpose is to allow future retouching of the painting, should there ever be a need for this.)

  • Q: On which medium does the artist paint?
    A: I usually paint on canvas however I also use wood panels.


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