Photo by Darren Goldstein of DSG Photo
Hair and makeup by  Kate Easterbrook.

Reference photo

Interested in having a portrait painted of a performer
in your life? 




  • 1.a person who entertains an audience:"a circus performer"

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As a former jazz vocalist and stage performer, I love painting performers. I try to capture the energy they evoke through bold use of colours and am quite discerning when it comes to the photos I use as reference.


Who's the performer in your life? Yourself? Your spouse or child? Your parent or pet?

Whoever it is, I try to capture their character and energy in the portraits I paint. 



How It Works
It’s an easy and fun process!


Step 1 - Communicating the details

Fill out the Inquiries form, below. Please include as much information as you can about the painting you have in mind: who the subject is in relation to you, what size portrait you're envisioning (smallest size is 12" x 16"), etc... If you'd like a portrait of your pet, please indicate what animal it is. There is no obligation by inquiring, so you have nothing to lose!

Step 2 - Zoom Call

After receiving your inquiry, if you're interested in receiving a quote, I will reach out to schedule a Zoom call. Not in Canada or the U.S.? No worries. We’ll work around time zones. We’ll talk about what you'd love the painting to evoke, its size, colours, the subject, their hobbies and character, etc... I’ll use those details to create something special for you. During our conversation, I'll ask that you provide me with at least three good photos of the subject. ("Good" = no fully black or white/overexposed areas, in focus, well lit, nice pose, etc. ) After this, I will provide you with a quote. Once you return the signed commission contract and email transfer me the retainer, the painting begins!*

Step 3 - The Unveiling

Your painting is created just for you in my signature style. A reveal will be planned for you to approve your painting at a point where I feel it's appropriate to do so. Once complete, your painting will be delivered or shipped to your home. You’ll have a beautiful piece of art that will help tell your performer’s story and elevate your art collection.

Please see the FAQ page for payment information, return policy and likenesses. 

*You can also pay using PayPal. If I'm finishing up another painting or have a few commissions scheduled before yours, I will let you know and provide you with an estimated finish date.


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