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Hi. I'm Stephanie. I paint images that move me - and people tend to move me more than inanimate objects (although I do enjoy painting those, too!), so I call myself a portrait painter. 

Take a tour of my studio and check out the pages on this website to get to know a bit more about me and my work. 

My Story

It's people's ENERGY that attracts me and draws me into their worlds. I used to sing and act on stage, and therefore seem to be more drawn to painting performers. My subject matter is slowly expanding into the realm of famous visual artists and people from all walks of life. 

I really enjoy doing pet portraits and other commissions so if you're looking for a portrait to be painted in my style, please reach out!

My Studio

Space is at a premium in our little bungalow. My family has been kind enough to let the living room be my studio. (Getting ready for company can take a while!) 

Painting not for sale. Result of a painting class with Corey Moortgaat through
Bold School Inc.

Artist Statement

An emerging, primarily self-taught artist, Stephanie McLean reveals, highlights, and relishes the creative energy of her subjects on canvas.


Until 2020, Stephanie gave her painting a secondary role. Graduating with a BFA in Music from Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec) in 1995, she knows that any form of creative and artistic expression is harnessed from the same force.


Primarily, Stephanie had been a performing artist as a jazz singer (first with her eponymous jazz band, then with The Tone Poets), and had professionally designed books, posters, and presentations for corporations. Through her experiences on stages and in boardrooms, Stephanie witnessed how people in all walks of life express their creative impulses.


Having dabbled in creative endeavors and in painting throughout her life, in 2021, she decided to focus all her artistic energies by painting portraits of this creative drive. Her first successful series portrayed musicians. In Spring 2022, Stephanie began a series to explore how larger patterns of creative energy might become manifest in personal impulses by portraying embodiments of divine female universal energy and the zodiac signs.


In her artistic practice, Stephanie looks forward to portraying the unique, creative shapes and energies of people and things from all walks of life.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

  • Facebook
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Associations & Memberships

  • Board member of the Artists' Network (Toronto)

  • CARFAC (Canadian Artists Representation / Le front des artistes canadiens)

  • Imprimo 


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