Recent Commissions & Testimonials

Here are some examples of recent commissions, along with client testimonials.

Mr. Pee Bee, tenor sax player


The painting looks great to me and I think the sax improvements
worked out very well. 🙂

And thanks again for the how professional you managed the process of creating the paintings: the perfect communication, your flexible attitude and the very good end result.

- Mr. Pee Bee, the Netherlands

Julian Pressley, alto sax player


“Wow Stephanie, that’s smokin', I love it! Thanks so much. Yeah, I got to give my props to JC, all the years I worked in his band the only thing he ever told me in terms of instruction was to always wear the tie on the stand. I was free to play whatever I wanted to, an unusual freedom coming from a bandleader [at Minton’s Playhouse in NYC], so when I show him this, I want him to see that I’m properly dressed. This painting is an unusual and unexpected treat for me.
Thanks again!



After watching the TikTok video:


“Another WOW! Stephanie, I’m truly impressed by everything you are doing and at this point in my life, very few things impress me. But as I just told Peter, my problem now is trying to look as cool in person as I look in your painting! I’m having fun with this!!!!!”

- Julian Pressley, New Jersey, USA

Video posted on tiktok and other social media:

Confidential Client

T number 1.jpeg

My print production partner, Roberto, was kind enough to refer this client to me. The client's fiancé had had a photoshoot done of herself a few years ago and the couple wanted paintings created from them. My challenge was to first come up with colours that would complement each other and to make the paintings look like they were intended to be displayed together.

I had initially provided them with a rather detailed version of her figure (above) and they very much liked and approved the paintings.

Having lived with them for a while, they felt the paintings should be more abstract, and perhaps less erotic. They asked if I could do this. 

The paintings above are the way they looked pre-abstraction. Below is how they look now. The clients are very happy, as am I. 

The trouble with commissions is that I form relationships with my clients and I want to see them again and work with them again. I sincerely hope these clients need another painting!

both paintings together.jpg