A Leap of Faith that Paid Off

Updated: Aug 25

I was hesitant about committing to peddling my wares down at the St. Lawrence Market every weekend in August. It was a huge commitment in time and money that might just be wasted.

I was wrong. I feel it was one of those things I had to do as an artist trying to sell my work.

Not only did my time at the market result in the most art sales I've ever had in one day, I made some valuable connections to other artists and artisans, not to mention some great new collectors and new social media followers.

The lesson I’m taking away from all this is to never pre-judge experiences, and to take a leap of faith every now and then keeping a positive mindset.

Letting these new experiences unfold and allowing yourself to live them with positivity and openness can teach you a lot about yourself and your ability to adapt to new situations.

What a great experience this has been! Thank you, Arts at the Market!!

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